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If you would like us to design your web page, we can do it. Whether you don't have the know how, or don't have the time, we have both!

We will sit down with you for an interview to find out what YOU want on your web site.

Here are a few questions and information we will need when the interview is over, so, if you have these things ready, we will take less of your valuable time.

  • Do you have a domain name? (www.stahrenterprises.com)
  • Do you have a logo or pictures you would like to have on the web site.
  • Do you have an idea of the layout, or would you like to leave it up to us. It is your web site, and should reflect you!
  • What type of pages and how many? (Home page, products, info, interest, links, etc.)

How much does it cost?

This will give you rough idea...

Base Minimum (up to 5 pages) $200.00
Scanning Pictures (adding digital pics free) $5.00 each
Extra Pages $50.00 each
Forms $100.00 up
Animations, Applets And Stuff $100.00 up
Perl Programming $200.00 up

What do I do now?


10 Commandment Shirts

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The U.S. Military Page has an article that is a must read for every citizen of the United States, along with pictures from Iraq.



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